The History of the “Maeng Da” Kratom Strain


Kratom is a medicinal herb that is grown extensively in the region of South Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, with Indo being one of its largest exporters. It offers a wide variety of benefits in the field of medicine. It is also used to treat drug addicts.

The word “Maeng Da” means pimp in Thai. The herb cultivated in the regions of Thailand. The strain gets its name from the farmers who grew the herb. The herb was created to alleviate the pain of people working for long strenuous hours and to find a way of relaxation and to boost their energy levels. The farmers in Thailand worked for long hours without efficient energy to get through the day. Hence, their idea of creating a potent, long-lasting strain from the already existing varieties has worked wonders now. It is known to relieve pain and enhance energy levels in an individual.

The farmers of Thailand were aware of the other Kratom strains that existed – The one’s that contained sedative properties to relieve pain and anxiety and the others that were a mood enhancer and energy booster mainly used to treat depression. They found an opportunity to breed these two types of strains together to give rise to Maeng Da. The process of breeding was called Grafting. This process involves cutting the root and shoot part of two different places, usually of the same family and binding them together with the help of wax or plant tape. This is also called cross-breeding, and it will result in the formation of a lump, which has the properties of both plants. After many attempts, the Maeng Da strain was generated, which had features of pain relief as well as energy-boosting capability, when consumed in high dosages.

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

  • Like mentioned above, this strain of Kratom, created as a breed between the other Kratom strains, was considered as a source of refreshing drink in ancient times. A Maeng Da Kratom powder was mixed with water and served as a refreshing drink in Thailand. The ancient practice of serving the drink had medicinal properties associated with it.
  • This strain has lesser alkaline content compared to the other strains, hence it is easily digestible.
  • Due to the seasonal changes and weather conditions, the cultivation of this breed has turned out to be delicate.
  • However, they can be easily differentiable from the lot, because they’re associated with a dark green colour and when turned into a powder imparts a darker colour that symbolizes the strain’s freshness.


The increase in the demand for this strain has induced a sense of interest in local people in the business. The effect produced due to breeding is something unique and not seen in any of the other Kratom strains. It is vital to know that the plants cultivated in these regions cannot be grown anywhere else because the South Asian tropical climate is best suitable for their growth. This has led to a growing business as regions like North America cannot get their hands on these herbs, unless otherwise imported solely for their use.


Effects of Maeng Da

The main reason why this strain is still in use is that you do not have to choose between sedating and energizing effect. For most strains, they either induce one of the impacts, whereas Maeng Da is bred in such a way that it involves both the consequences when consumed in different amounts. Some of their results include:

  • It acts as an analgesic, to suppress pain caused due to allergies and other abnormalities caused in the human body.
  • It causes a sense of euphoric feeling in the body. If you wake up to a lazy day and want to enhance your productivity, while improving your mood, then a dosage of this strain will help you in doing so. The only downside is that your body gets accustomed to the herb very easily, which requires a higher dosage in the longer run.
  • Although it produces a coffee-like high, it does not overpower the feeling. If you’re afraid of having physical discomfort, sweaty palms and other side effects, then you got nothing to worry about.

Side effects

Like mentioned above, Maeng Da strain gets accustomed to the body quickly. This will lead to an increased dosage in time and leads to side effects.

  • Jittery and a feeling of anxiety.
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Laziness and lack of motivation
  • Issues related to digestion
  • In extreme cases, it also leads to respiratory problems



Although all the side effects mentioned above are related to high dosages, it is important to take the utmost care, especially in the initial phases to mind the dosages. An increase in dosages might lead to severe side effects. Beginners are recommended to start with a smaller amount and record their physical and mental changes. In the case of abnormalities, it is better to pause immediately.

For instance, if you’re consuming 5g of White or Red Kratom daily, then it is recommended to consume the only 4g of this strain effects is higher in this case. And by 5gm it means 5gm for the entire day. The effects stay for a minimum of 8 hours in the body, and a second dosage will lead to overconsumption.


This strain of Kratom has become a popular among the farmers and other classes of society. It acts as a gift to all the farmers, both in the native countries as well as abroad, who are working without a break. The Grafting of this breed has also helped people across the globe to reenergize them and make it through the day. All thanks to the online market, where we can cautiously import such herbs from another part of the world. However, it would help if you were extremely careful while buying this strain as a much lesser dosage is required to get the same effect of any other strain.

The History of the “Maeng Da” Kratom Strain

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