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Several years ago, when the researchers and botanists were wandering in the forests of Southeast Asia, they came across a peculiar plant named Kratom aka Mitragyna Speciosa, belonging to the coffee family. Later, when they studied this particular plant, they understood that it consists of many medicinal properties with elements that can help in energizing, uplifting, and euphoria like emotions. Kratom consists of many active ingredients which help the body in many ways. However, there are two such active components named as mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The former one mix with the patient’s body just like the other opioid drugs act and the later one mingle with the specific neurons present in the body to restrain pain. Like mentioned before, the plants are grown in the Southeast Asian countries and can be exclusively seen only in the forests of the same. Apart from this, Kratom appears to be produced in some parts of the Pacific Rim.

Another unique characteristic of Kratom is that they can grow up to 13 meters. The leaves are highly utilized in folk medicine. In the conventional days, the growers would pick the Kratom leaves, dry them, and later brew them with mixing in water before consuming. They do this as it has got high medicinal properties. As the years went by, the mode of consuming changed, along with drinking; some of them started chewing the leaves, which resulted in the same effect. It was around the beginning of the 21st century; the Kratom leaves found its way to the Western markets.


A Little Bit of History

Even though we know that Krato was used for many years, nobody knows when exactly Kratom’s usage and extraction might have begun. But, all the processes and steps for the usage and extraction dated back to very ancient times. Amidst the enhancing enthusiasm and eagerness of Kratom’s healing ability, one of the active components named mitragynine was found in 1921. Later in 1932, it was tested on humans giving a positive result. Since it was illegally misused by many cultivators and others, in 1943 August, the Thailand Government passed the Kratom Act which forbids anyone from cultivating or ordering the same. It was in during the early 2000s, the people around the globe started embracing Kratom through an online medium.   Some of the researchers are of the opinion that the usage dated back to the early 19th century in some parts of Malaysia, where the inmates used the leaves as a sedative method. Later in 1994, Kratom’s second alkaloid named 7-hydroxy mitragynine was discovered.

Various Means of Consuming Kratom

Even though the Kratom leaves were chewed or brewed with water traditionally, there are several other ways to consume Kratom leaves. Some of them include;

  1. Toss and Wash method- Just like gulping down any healthy powder; you can gulp a spoon full of Kratom powder with water allowing it to swallow easily before sticking on your tongue. Primarily, people use water or other liquids, mainly juice.
  2. Brewing method- Here, you can boil the leaves with water until the essence is mixed well and later strain the leaves before consuming.
  3. Capsule method- This kind of intake is very useful to the people who have their dosage prescribed by a physician. Besides, the capsule is easier to use. Tose the tablet into the mouth, drink water, swallow the medicine.

Consuming Kratom

Kratom Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why Kratom is helpful for humans. One of the main reasons is pain relief or an excellent analgesic. Some reports are mentioning that Kratom is also used for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) along with social stress. It also produces some amount to euphoric element in humans. Apart from all these, Kratom proffers a lot of benefits like;

  1. Significant relief from chronic pains. When consumed, it helps those people who are under a lot of pressure and to relieve them. These are possible with only certain Kratom strains.
  2. Depending on the right amount of dose, Kratom helps in relaxation. Just imagine popping one pill after a long tiring day! It is also advised to consume during night or evening time as it may induce sleep.
  3. Energy booster. We know that Kratom comes from a coffee family. This is one reason why Kratom shows energizing features. It is best advised to consume in the morning to get all pumped up with energy to start your day.
  4. Red Vein Kratom. Consuming Red Vein Kratom helps to increase the calmness and pleasantness. There are high chances of getting positive energy and boosted up after consuming Red Vein Kratom Along with helping the person suffering from sleep disorder by inducing sleep, to relaxing feature,  Red Vein Kratom’s benefits is a just a beginning.
  5. Green Vein Kratom. Consuming Green Vein Kratom is tend to give a good focus and alertness of the surroundings.
  6. White Vin Kratom. Helps to induce more concentration as well as motivation.

Kratom Usage Risks

Kratom is very beneficial and safe for all healthy individuals. However, it is advised to take Kratom under supervision. It is also very reliable if you start off with tiny mild dosage to know if you carry any allergies towards the particular brand. If you are a person having another health problem, it is better to get a doctor’s prescription before trying out anything new.

Kratom Online

Places to Buy Kratom Online

Due to its wide adopting, Kratom has found a place in the heart of online users. It is also one of the media from where you can attain the Kratom. It’s also one of the ways to know more about the product and consist of reviews from the other users as well. Of course, there are misinformations too, but make sure to omit those and only focus on what’s right for you. The below-given points are some of the most reviewed and used the online platform to buy Kratom.

  1. Moon Kratom
  2. OPMS Kratom
  3. Kratora
  4. Kraken Kratom, and
  5. Kratom Capsules.com

Although Kratom has got various opinions, it is always best to ask opinion from someone who has already used to get more information.

Everything You Must Know about Kratom Under One Lantern

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